To catch a lie

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Detecting lies is part of nonverbal communication. The majority of people attribute to the liar the following behaviors: the shifty eye, the change of subject, the confusing speech. These items are not always present, if only because the experienced liar masters them. This tool will help you to decrypt body language. Basically, there is instinct, but it is not enough. The technique of synergology will help you validate your intuition. This ability to detect lies requires special learning, especially in trades where the veracity of the words is preponderant The intention of the authors is simple: write a book that can be a concrete work tool, easy to implement and become a solid reference for anyone who needs to know the truth.

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The authors

Christian Martineau and Christine Gagnon are among the first graduates in the world in synergology. Their work leads them to give lectures and training in several sectors of activity, among others in the prison environment, the armed forces and security.


“I bought this book to deepen my knowledge of synergology since it was my next topic at Toastmasters International. I loved this book, I read one page after another and it so fast that I wanted more once at the end of the book. A lot of stuff for exactly “Seeing Lying”. Ideal for detectives, military, police interrogations, negotiations and even for parents of teens. ”

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