To Catch a Lie


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A precious tool helping people who need to identify falsehood.


Is it possible to tell when someone is lying? Yes and this is precisely the intention of this book! Signs of lying are always the same no matter what the nationality. ‘To catch a lie’ is a precious tool helping people who need to identify falsehood.

What is this book about, who is it addressed to?

The best book that exists on the market to decipher lies (in any language, that’s for sure!). A must for those who need to know the truth! Thus, people who work in the fields of investigation, in security, in law enforcement, or the legal system, or anyone concerned with truth should buy this tool.

Why is this book different?

This book is based on the research and writings of two authors who have studied and deciphered the nonverbal language of hundreds of videos (public, public inquiries, and confidential ones). In fact, this book is the result of twenty years of study and research.

Why is this book reliable and credible?

Both authors are regularly training soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces, investigators, and police officers. They also offer conferences and training to members of the Quebec Bar Association.

What is in the book?

Over 150 pages listing the top 12 tools for detecting lies; this is illustrated with over 100 pictures, charts, and illustrations.

Can the reader detect a lie after reading this book?

Absolutely! With so many examples, it is impossible not to do so.

Moreover, the last chapter includes a section of exercises (a set of images) where the reader must find 4 to 7 behavioral aspects of the person who lies and the one who tells the truth, all this, very well illustrated. It is an additional way to ensure that the reader will get his money’s worth and that the concepts are well understood and well assimilated.

So, in conclusion:

Whether it is to obtain better results in the course of employment, by curiosity or for simple pleasure, the reader will receive many tools that will enable him to better analyze the sincerity of the speaker.

About the authors

Synergists Christian Martineau and Christine Gagnon are among the first graduates in the world in synergology. Their work leads them to give lectures and training in several sectors of activity, among others in the prison environment, the armed forces and the field of security.

To catch a lie

To Catch a lie

Excellent introduction or good complement to training.

I bought this book to deepen my knowledge in synergology since it was my next topic at Toastmasters International. I loved this book, I read one page after another, and so fast that I wanted more once at the end of the book. Full of stuff for precisely "See Lying". Ideal for detectives, military, police interrogations, negotiations and even for parents of teens

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